Posted by: emilybybike | April 27, 2011

From Sea to Sea

It’s taken me almost a year, but I finally reached the 3,000 mile mark this afternoon on the bike. Three-thousand miles. I’ve virtually ridden across the country, as from my home in Arlington, VA to Eureka, CA is 2,954 miles.

That’s a really, really long way. Even driving, it would take over 2-days. But on a bike? I know it’s easy to get into the thousands on a road bike, when you’re putting in long training miles, but when you’re simply using a bike to commute from point A to B and back, it does take a while. And just like driving across the country, where the scenery changes, weather changes and sometimes your life takes twists and turns you never saw coming. Like any trip, be it by bike, or by car or even in life, when you travel a long way, you’re going to run into bumps, roadblocks, storms and things that make you think you’ll never get to your destination. But you find your tough, find the grit and determination you didn’t think you had and you get through, you survive and you realize that the obstacles weren’t as bad or insurmountable as you initially thought, then you go on stronger and with the knowledge that there’s nothing you can’t get through.

I’ve virtually made it across the country, from sea to shining sea and there were times I didn’t want to keep going, and times I couldn’t wait to get on the bike as well. This Saturday will be the one-year anniversary of the start of my “Go By Bike” Challenge, and I’m glad I took on the challenge, and looking forward to keeping it up for at least the next year, because like with any journey, half the fun is not knowing what’s around the corner and sometimes the surprises that are waiting there for us.



  1. Congrats Emily!!! So awesome!! 🙂

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