Posted by: emilybybike | June 14, 2011

Back and Rolling

Si, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to put anything up – between getting back from Mexico and hitting the ground rolling (literally…) I’ve been on the go more than not, but thankfully a lot of my going has been by two wheels. The past two weeks have been incredibly rough for doing anything outside, where you’d just break a sweat walking across the street to Starbucks to get your iced coffee. Ugh. August-esq weather in June. No fun. But thankfully, we’ve reached a welcome break and with mornings like we’ve had yesterday and today – going by bike is a perfect way to get around. I was quite excited this morning to see more folks than ever on two-wheels on the trails. I also noticed quite a few Capital Bikeshare bikes on the path too. Great to see a really neat program in action!

And now back to getting rolling – while it has been almost unbearably hot (and yes, we did break a 100-year heat record last week) it hasn’t completely shut me down from going by bike. If you think about it – when you pedal, it can be like turning on the AC and for short trips, the AC in your car may not even kick in before you’ve reached your destination. Plus, with the heat and subsequent bad air-quality, taking the time to be environmentally friendly helps your lungs as well. I’m trying to take my bike as much as possible these days, everywhere from friends houses, to my kickboxing class to the grocery store. The trips aren’t too long and it’s way more fun than driving.

So with the weather this perfect – take advantage of it – get out there and get rolling!


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