Posted by: emilybybike | July 20, 2011

Home, By Bike

While my commuter bike is still out of commission with its de-funked back wheel, I’ve been taking to the streets on the skinnie tires, trying to utilize my road bike for transportation as feasible. We all know life gets hectic and there are never enough hours in a day to accomplish what you plan, so how do you still do it? Multi-task! Going by bike is a great way to multi-task getting things done all the while getting your work-out. This was my “hey I’m giving myself a gold-star” accomplishment last night, as I headed out on my bike to visit my parents.

Summer time seems to fly by, and half the things you want to do never get done in summer no matter how much you do multi-task. For me, I think I still somewhat have the college mentality that you have nothing to do in summer, save for a part-time job or lab work. But no, summer is now compressed into weekends, weeknights and those few holidays and days off, but you still manage to make the most of it … and spend hours on the bike!

That said – between races, trips and work, I’d been trying to find time to catch up with my folks before they headed out west for vacation, and after a busy weekend, it seemed that that wasn’t going to happen. Enter the bike! For most of us living inside the Beltway, getting outside of it on a weeknight is next to impossible, unless you want to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in traffic.  So, I opted to take my two wheels and ride the 20 or so miles it is from Arlington to my folks to say hi and have a good trip. No crazy DC-area traffic, just me, the W&OD and my bike for just a little over an hour and I got to see my folks, relax a bit, and get a good ride in to boot! Not a bad adventure by bike for a summer weeknight!


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