Posted by: emilybybike | August 19, 2011

That Pesky 10%

As I headed out the door last night to ride to my kickboxing class, I again pulled up the weather map on my computer to double-check that I’d be able to get to class, and back before the forecasted storms of the evening hit. 5:30pm 10% Chance of Rain; 6pm 10% Chance of Rain; 6:30pm 20% Chance of Rain. 7pm 65% Chance of Storms. Which in my mind equates to a 90% chance of it NOT raining until that goes down to a 35% chance of it NOT raining at 7pm. I’m okay with those odds.

So it looked like I would be in the clear, although I’d have to ride quick once my class ended at 6:20pm to avoid the approaching storms. Even the radar wasn’t showing much activity at this time. I did make sure to pack a tiny head light and tail light – just in case, then I grabbed my gloves and pedaled off to class.

It’s a quick 15-minute ride to the studio – and thankfully most of the way is on several of Arlington’s many bike lanes, but just as I was cruising down Clarendon Blvd passed the Whole Foods, I felt something drip on me. Rain?! No… the sun was out! But then another, and another. Sure enough, it was lightly sprinkling. So much for that 90% chance of it not raining. But thankfully it was just a sprinkle and before I even locked my bike up, it had stopped.

A few times during class, I noticed cars driving by with lights and windshield wipers on, I hoped the rain would pass quickly and live up to its mere 10% chance. Not such was my luck. As I packed up my wraps and gloves and headed out, there was a light rain coming down. And then I heard a huge crack of thunder. Time to ride and ride fast! I made sure I had a front and rear light blinking, and took off up the bike lane on Wilson Boulevard toward home. While it definitely was more than a sprinkle, thankfully it wasn’t drenching and I got home just before the big storm hit. So much for a 10% chance of rain…. but by


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