Posted by: emilybybike | October 27, 2011

Results are in!

Well, better late than never – here are the results from my little “experiment” last week.

Day 1: Ride to and from work via bicycle (the road bike).

Total Distance: 26.3 miles

Total Time: 1:57:33

Average Speed: 13.4mph

Calories Burned:  982

Money Spent: $0 (yay for free bike parking at work)

Day 2: Drive to and from work … yes … I had my heart rate monitor on and the GPS running in the cup-holder next to my coffee 🙂


Total Distance: 25.05 miles

Total Time: 1:25:56

Calories Burned: 171

Average Speed: 16.9 mph

Money Spent: $4 parking; estimate about $4.60 in gas (25 miles ~ my car gets about 19 mi/gallon and with gas costing about $3.50/gallon = $4.60 to go 25 miles) for a grand total of $8.60

Winner: Going By Bike (as if there was even contention for the car…)

Not so surprisingly – I burned more calories riding to work as opposed to driving. A lot more. Almost six times more. What is a little interesting – is that while riding my bike was about 1.25 miles farther than driving – it was still only 32 minutes faster going by car versus going by bike. And sure, half an hour can be a lot of time – when you’re going by bike you’re doing double duty and commuting and getting a work-out in. However – you take that to a round-trip commute, and it’s only 15-minutes faster by car each way. Plus – when you look at it – my average speed on the bike wasn’t that much slower than my average speed in the car (3.5mph faster in the car). When you see it by the numbers – and in terms of being healthy (burning calories) and saving money (almost $9/day!) going by bike is the way to go!


  1. Nice one! The next step is to justify the purchase of a new bike for dedicated commutes, your ‘good bike’ could get ruined of course! 🙂

    • Funny – I’ve recently switched to the “good bike” and found that it’s a lot faster and doesn’t make me as tired as riding the dedicated bike. Plus – my dedicated commuter is out of commission with some breakage issues 😦

  2. I object to $0 spent by bike! How much did it cost to replace the calories burned by bike over and above the calories burned by car? or were they not replaced?

  3. I figure the cost of my post-ride snack in the morning (banana and a granola bar or pop-tart) most likely evens out with the large coffee I need to get me through driving to work. One way or another, food evens out….

  4. I’m disappointed to hear there’s not more calorie intake offset. But good bike speed! That is good to hear… maybe I can justify to the wife getting a better (oh, and yeah… maybe more expensive) bike to save money! :D.

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